Virgis Filter Category 4 Cabin Filters

VIRGIS FILTER Category 4 Cabin Filters 

Virgis Filter Category 4 Cabin Filters
Virgis Filter category 4 cabin filters are certified & conform with EN15695-2 category 4.
The category 4 cabin filter will takeout dust, aerosols & vapours out of the cabins of tractors, crop sprayers & other related equipment.

Strengths of our Product

Our new carbon technology can absorb 100% of gas (cyclohexane) according with EN15695-2 (3.4)
0% breakthrough, this new carbon type (new in automotive application)
allow also following advantages

• Pressure drop reduction from 15% to 50% against all other types of current activated carbon
• Carbon is flame retardant (fire class F1 DIN 53438)
• 10% lighter than the granulate carbon
• No dust emission
• Flow noise reduction


Our cabin filter can be easily manufactured to your specification, this allows great design flexibility.


Fresh air flow 30 m3/h
Pressurization 20Pa
Pressure Indicator Mandatory

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